What action is Council currently taking to address climate change in Council's own operations and service?

    Council has installed more than 2MegaWatts of solar systems on Council facilities. This includes Council facilities that are leased to community organisations that pay the electricity bills. Hume also has an active energy efficiency program that is reducing emission's n Council's largest buildings. Council has switched to 100 per cent GreenPower for all of Council's electricity needs for buildings and street lighting.

    What action is Council currently taking to address climate change across Hume City?

    Hume develops Precinct Structure Plans to encourage local living and convenient provision of services in new estates to encourage sustainable transport options. We are also tralling the Sustainable Subdivisions tool to improve sustainability outcomes in new estates. Hume's local Environmentally Sustainable Design Policy encourages and requires sound environmental outcomes in new developments that require a planning permit. Council also advocates for better public transport outcomes in Hume City. Hume has a household energy program that supports residents to reduce bills, reduce greenhouse emissions and keep their homes comfortable. Council is encouraging and supporting businesses and industry to move to a circular economy model which in addition to making use of materials previously wasted, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

    Where do Hume City Emissions come from?

    Around 75% of greenhouse gas emissions in Hume come from the use of electricity and gas in Hume businesses and industry. Around 17% comes from residential electricity and gas use and around 15% from transport. Other sources for example, wasteare relatively small. The emissions from Council operations including the Sunbury landfill are less than 2% of total Hume City emissions.