Why is it called a Pipe Track?

    Usually, a long strip of land containing water infrastructure, eg. water pipes, and used for maintenance access by the water authority, which creates a track. 

    What is a shimmy route?

    A suggested on-road bike route which generally follows quieter street and are designated by signs and bike symbols showing which way to go. These are generally provided where it is not possible to build a shared path or separated bike lane. 

    Will there be a pedestrian crossing on Erinbank Crescent to connect the shared paths?

    Not as part of this project. The shared path crosses Erinbank Crescent immediately adjacent to an existing speed hump. Council will monitor usage of the shared path and could consider relocating or modifying this speed hump in future.

    Will a path be built to connect to the shared path at Hermitage Drive?

    Council has conditional approval from Melbourne Water to build a shared path from Dorset Drive to Piccadilly Court. Construction of this section will be considered as part of the future capital works budget.  

    Why isn’t the path being built next to Attwood Creek?

    Many of the land parcels adjacent to the Attwood Creek are privately owned, so are not available for shared paths to be constructed.  

    Will a path be built along the whole Pipe Track eventually?

    Pipe Tracks are a great location for shared paths as they are relatively straight and connect destinations or suburbs. However, some sections of the pipe track in Greenvale are extremely steep, so it may not be feasible to construct a shared path in these areas. Council and Melbourne Water will continue to explore opportunities for additional shared paths on or near pipe tracks.