What type of improvements would be considered?

    John Coutts Reserve is considered a Neighbourhood hierarchy reserve. Neighbourhood reserves intend to cater for a local, walkable catchment, and so may contain play, trees and landscaping, paths, seating and park furniture, informal recreation spaces such as open grassed areas.

    Why is housing being considered at the reserve?

    Council will explore the opportunity to determine if including housing within the reserve provides options for financial contribution to potential improvements. Housing overlooking the reserve will also enhance safety through passive surveillance. 

    There is no definite commitment to the inclusion of housing and is subject to further investigation, and consideration of requirements such as rezoning, feasibility and housing requirements.  This engagement provides an opportunity to determine community views, and further engagement opportunities would be considered following this community feedback.

    Is funding currently allocated in the Council budget for improvement to John Coutts Reserve?

    Whilst there is not funding currently allocated to improvements to John Coutts Reserve, this engagement will help develop the community priorities, and the budget required. This will also need to be considered with the feedback on the potential residential development, and the potential for this to contribute funds for improvement.