What will be included?

    The new playspace is proposed to include a tower slide, junior and senior play units, swings, carousel and seesawNature play, parkour and exercise equipment, new shelter, BBQ, picnic facilities and landscaping will complement the play.  

    Please also refer to the plan and images found on the main page [link to page]  

    Why is the playspace being replaced?

    Council’s playspaces are independently audited each year to determine their need for replacement. The lifespan of the play equipment is between 15-20 years according to Australian Standards. Additional priorities for replacement are determined by age, an annual independent safety audit, Australian Standards, maintenance reports and community feedback.  


    Will dogs be allowed in the playspace and park?

    Hume municipality has been gazetted as an ON LEAD by virtue of an Order made under section 26 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 EXCEPT in designated off lead areas.  

    In an off-leash area the owner is to:  

    • be in sight of their dog and the dog responds to its owner’s command whether verbal or visual.  

    • carry a leash, one for each dog, under their control  

    • comply with any site-specific rules and regulations, including but not limited to time restrictions and regulations associated with fenced off leash areas.  

    In an on-leash area the owner is to have their dog on a leash.  

    Dogs should be under effective control at all times and on a short leash within 50m of a playspace, BMX/skate facility, or similar facility. Dogs are PROHIBITED within the boundary of a playspace.  

    You can walk your dog around the park, ensuring they are on a short leash.   

    Will provision be made for shade?

    Where possible, playspaces are naturally shaded, and additional trees will be planted to provide protection. A new shelter next to the playspace will also provide shade.  

    Will waterplay be considered for Johnstone St Reserve?

    Due to the site constraints waterplay may not be a viable option at Johnstone Street Reserve. Waterplay elements have been installed adjacent to Livvi’s Place at ANZAC Park in Craigieburn. 

    What is a landfill and what does it mean for the park?

    Johnstone Street Reserve is situated on a closed and capped landfill that served the community from 1966 to 1974. Since then, this area has been remediated to ensure the site is safe and maintain the ongoing health and condition of the gardens that our community enjoys 

    The design of the new playspace and activities will accommodate design standards to ensure the closed landfill is not affected. This may include, but not limited to equipment selection and footing depth, locating activity that allows for surface water management.  

    What is high surface water flow and what does it mean for the park?

    Johnstone Street Reserve is a natural path for water to flow to the Jacana Valley. The main playspace area is being proposed to be relocated to the west of the reserve to improve surface water management across the site.  

    What is Parkour/Street workout?

    Parkour and street work out areas provide pieces of equipment that emulate the heights, surfaces and challenges that may be found an urban environment. The equipment can be used for fitness, strength workouts, and practicing skills. 

    What accessible items are available at the playspace?

    The playspace is proposed to have a number of accessible elements including a carousel, accessible junior play unit and DDA compliant pathways.  

    When will the playspace open?

    Following the compilation of community feedback, this is incorporated into the design. This then goes through the process of being documented for construction, then tendered and awarded for construction. Timing may be based on availability on contractors and is anticipated around mid 2023.   

    Will public toilets be provided at the park? 

    An existing double Exeloo style public toilet will remain on site – located near the carpark.