Why are we reviewing Hume Horizons 2040?

    The Hume Horizons 2040 long term community plan has been guiding the direction of Hume City for eight years. The plan is due for a major review to ensure it still aligns with community expectations and aspirations. 

    The new Local Government Act 2020 was enacted in March 2020. The Act requires Councils to develop a Community Vision and Community Plan in consultation with the community. 

    The review of Hume Horizons is the first stage in the process to develop a new Community Vision and Community Plan.

    Why does Hume have a long term community plan?

    A long term community plan sets out the community's vision for the future. It ensures we are planning today for the future of Hume.

    The community plan forms the basis of Hume City Council's planning framework and influences everything Council does.