Keeping Westmeadows on the move

As part of Hume City Council’s ongoing commitment to Local Area Traffic Management (LATM), Council is undertaking a study of traffic issues within the Westmeadows Area bounded by Tullamarine Freeway, Wright Street, Melbourne Airport Runway Alignment and Mickleham Road.

We are seeking your feedback on traffic issues within the study area that you would like Council to further investigate. The preferred way for you to respond is by using the online interactive mapping tool. This tool allows you to consider further information such as traffic volume and speed count data. Online you can read the comments made by community members and add to the community discussion.

The type of feedback could have been related to:

Traffic Pedestrians & Cycling Parking
Speeding issues Access and connectivity Parking restrictions
Safety issues Cycling lanes/paths Parking congestion
Congestion issues Footpaths and shared paths Safety issues

Local Area Traffic Management study process

  1. Seek community feedback on traffic issues within the area (now)
  2. Investigate and develop a draft plan to address the issues
  3. Share the draft plan with the local community for feedback

Note: Funding of up to $241,000 has been proposed in the 2025/26 Council budget to commence implementation of actions. Projects that are beyond the scope of this initial funding will be considered for future funding under Council’s Capital Works Program.

Why are Council re-opening stage 1 consultation?

In May 2023 Council commenced the stage one consultation for the Broadmeadows North and Westmeadows Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) studies. As part of the stage one consultation, brochures were mailed out to residents and businesses in these areas to seek feedback on traffic issues for further investigation.

Due to an error with the mail out, the Broadmeadows North LATM brochures were delivered to residents and businesses within the Westmeadows LATM area. Please accept our sincerest apology for any confusion this has caused. All information we received in May/June remains on the map so you can see what feedback has already been received.

As a result of the mail error, Council is reopening the stage one consultation for the Westmeadows LATM study.

How to participate

Feedback on traffic, pedestrian, cycling and parking issues could be given by Sunday 27 August 2023:

drop a marker on an online map below

email the Traffic Team

phone the Traffic Team on 9356 6786

post to Hume City Council, PO Box 119, Dallas Vic 3047