The Council Plan and Budget have been reviewed and updated to meet community needs for the 2024/25 financial year to ensure we are:

  • A community that is resilient, inclusive and thriving
  • A City that cares about our planet, is appealing and connected
  • A Council that inspires leadership, is accountable and puts the community first.

From December 2023 to February 2024 we asked for great ideas from the community which we would be able to deliver in 2024/25.

We had 75 ideas from people and organisations (11 were for the same idea) which council considered for inclusion. The proposed budget includes $1.3 million put towards eleven community ideas.

Council was already investing in 8 suggested projects, and there were a further 11 projects that sit outside Council’s remit which are being referred to the relevant levels of government so we can advocate for projects important to our community.

Budget highlights

Reflecting the current economic environment, a rigorous process has been undertaken to identify cost-savings and efficiencies without compromising on service levels.

Essential services such as libraries, leisure centres, preschools, maternal and child health, and aged and disability programs will continue to be funded, ensuring families, children and our most vulnerable are not left behind.

Here are some of the highlights for Council Plan and Budget that we'll deliver in 2024/25:

  • Inclusion of a Cost of Living Community Relief Package supporting programs to help reduce household spending
  • Provide the community easy access to library services through multiple initiatives, including library outreach
  • Continue the revitalisation of Broadmeadows and Hume Central to facilitate a vibrant town centre, places for people to work, learn, live and enjoy
  • Continue to provide high quality active sporting facilities in response to population growth, including a water play space at the Sunbury Aquatic and Leisure Centre and Eric Boardman Reserve outdoor netball court
  • Introduction of Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bins to all residents.
  • Undertake public realm improvements that enhance the amenity of Hume's places and spaces.

We are very aware of the impacts cost of living is having on our residents. To help manage your payments Council offering a variety of payment arrangements to assist those experiencing financial hardship.

We are investing in:

We will also provide $208.35 million (an increase of $15.72 million) to meet the growing demand for a variety of day-to-day community services, including:

  • Collection of kerbside waste, recycling and organics
  • Provision of hard waste collections
  • Undertaking street sweeping
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Delivering services for aged residents
  • Delivering meals for people in need
  • Hosting more than 1.2 million visits to our leisure centres
  • Providing library services to the community
  • Delivering immunisations
  • Coordinating maternal and child health consultations
  • Registering dogs and cats
  • Delivering food safety assessments
  • Educating three- and four-year-old children in our preschool programs.

$25.64 million dedicated to the construction, upgrade, and maintenance of roads across the city, with an additional $8.08 million for footpaths and cycleways, and $20.12 million for car parks, including:

  • $8.17 million for local road resurfacing and reseals
  • $1.25 million to support the Road Management Plan actions
  • $2.4 million for the Geach Street Road Reconstruction in Dallas
  • $1.44 million for the Hothlyn Drive reconstruction in Craigieburn
  • $5.0 million for footpath rehabilitation and construction across the City
  • $13.50 million to complete the Sunbury Multi-Deck Carpark
  • $3.0 million for the construction of the car park and access road at the Craigieburn Sports Stadium.

$35.88 million to improve, upgrade and develop new buildings including:

  • $7.22 million for expanding pre-school rooms in existing community centers at various locations
  • $6.70 million for construction or to upgrade pavilions and social rooms across the City
  • $3.87 million for the ongoing construction of a new community centre at Highlander Drive in Craigieburn, along with the completion of works at Valley Park Community Centre in Westmeadows
  • $2.74 million for the pavilion upgrade at Greenvale Tennis Club.
  • $2.08 million for refurbishment works on the ground floor of the Broadmeadows Global Learning Centre
  • $1.0 million allocated to commence redevelopment of the Sunbury Senior Citizens Centre.

These ideas were suggested by community members or organisations and have been included in the proposed budget:. Council will start and/or deliver in 2024/25 and (in some cases) 2025/26:

  • $450,000 to upgrade the synthetic surface at John Ilhan Memorial Reserve, Broadmeadows in 2025/26
  • $35,000 for scoreboard replacement at Highgate Oval 2 in Craigieburn
  • $71,000 to upgrade the Broadmeadows Community Hub for the safety of staff and the community (over 24/25 and 25/26 financial years)
  • $25,000 Council contribution for the BMX Club starters hill shelter at the Sunbury Recreation Reserve
  • $35,000 to install a drinking fountain with dog bowl at the Heysen Drive Reserve, Sunbury
  • $80,000 for the installation of new sheltered areas to the two softball diamonds at the John McMahon Reserve, Sunbury (including a $15,000 contribution from the Sunbury Softball Association)
  • $90,000 for upgrades to the playground, lighting and security at the Sunbury Neighbourhood House (over 24/25 and 25/26 financial years)
  • $80,000 for soccer goals in parks
  • $500,000 for a bike playground at the John Coutts Reserve in Gladstone Park (over 24/25 and 25/26 financial years)
  • $5,000 for wayfinding signage for the Broadmeadows Town Centre
  • $9,500 towards Pizzi Flies Again (city wide)

How to participate

Take a look at the proposed 2024/25 budget and let us know what you are happy we've included and what you think we've missed. If you think something has been missed let us know what needs to come out as we need to make sure the budgeted amount remains about the same as we need to be fiscally responsible.

Consultation closed 5:00pm on Tuesday 11 June 2024:

email us on
phone Acting Manager of Organisational Performance and Strategy on 03 9205 2200