Council is committed to protecting heritage values in Hume for future generations, as reaffirmed in the Hume Rural Strategy 2022. Council commissioned heritage consultants Biosis to conduct a review of the heritage places within Hume’s Heritage Overlay.

The Heritage Overlay is the part of the Hume Planning Scheme that identifies places of local heritage significance. It seeks to ensure that development does not adversely affect these places.

The review found inconsistencies that Council is now proposing to address through Amendment C266.

What does the amendment do?

Amendment C266 proposes changes to the Hume Planning Scheme to better protect and describe places of heritage significance in Hume. It implements the recommendations of the Hume Heritage Overlay Review 2022 prepared by Biosis consultants.

It proposes to:

  • Correct or refine the mapping of the Heritage Overlay for 99 heritage places.
  • Delete the Heritage Overlay from four places which have either been relocated or demolished via planning permit or destroyed in a bushfire.
  • Revise and incorporate Statements of Significance into the Hume Planning Scheme for 104 heritage places to ensure heritage values are accurately described and protected.
  • Correct any errors in the names or addresses of heritage places in the Heritage Overlay Schedule.
  • Include the Hume Heritage Overlay Review 2022 as a background document in the Hume Planning Scheme.

Amendment C266 only affects places already included in the Heritage Overlay. It does not apply the Heritage Overlay to any additional places.

A factsheet including the full list of heritage places affected by the amendment can be downloaded from the documents section on this page.

How do I find out how Amendment C266 affects my property?

To find information about how the amendment is affecting a specific property or heritage place:

  1. Use the interactive map to search your address and find out whether a heritage place on your property is affected by Amendment C266. The green areas in the map represent the proposed changes to the Heritage Overlay and the red areas represent the current mapping of the Heritage Overlay. By clicking on a green area, you can view the proposed changes on the right side of your screen and download the relevant section of the Hume Heritage Overlay Review 2022.
  2. You can also download sections of the Hume Heritage Overlay Review 2022, revised Statements of Significance, a factsheet and other Amendment C266 documents from the Documents section on this page.
  3. If you are experiencing difficulties in accessing the amendment material, Council officers are available to discuss the amendment over the phone and to provide specific information about how the amendment might affect you.

Next steps

Council received 14 submissions in response to consultation about Amendment C266:

  • 4 supported the Amendment
  • 3 opposed the Amendment, or requested changes to it, which Council officers resolved
  • 7 opposed the Amendment, or requested changes, which Council officers could not resolve before going to Council

In April Council agreed to refer the submissions that could not be resolved to an independent Planning Panel. The Panel considered the submissions at its hearing on Monday 3 July 2023. Their report is now available for inspection and Council will consider the Panel’s recommendations and the adoption of the Amendment at an upcoming Council meeting (date to be confirmed).