Hume's housing needs

Over the next 20 years Hume will be welcoming approximately 130,000 new residents. At the same time, our population’s profile is changing, and our current housing choices do not meet everyone’s needs.

To tackle this challenge, the Council adopted the Housing Diversity Strategy in 2020 (updated 2023), with the aim of improve housing choice and design in Hume.

Further information on Hume’s housing needs can be found in the videos on this page.

Amendment C263

Amendment C263 proposes to implement a municipal wide strategic housing framework into the Hume Planning Scheme. It does this by incorporating a Residential Development Framework Plan (RDFP).

The RDFP identifies where change will occur and what it should look like by applying four levels of change across our established residential areas, called:

Further information on Amendment C263 and the change levels can be found in the video below and in the fact sheets (hyperlinked above) and are in the panel on the right (or below the main body of the page if you are on a mobile device).

You can search your property on the map below, to see what change is proposed in your area.

Amendment C263 is on exhibition until 11.59pm Friday 3 May 2024 and Council is seeking views on the amendment.

Council has also prepared a draft Good Design Guide to assist in getting better design outcomes for housing in Hume. While the Good Design Guide does not form part of the amendment, Council is also seeking feedback on these guidelines.

Search for your property

Use the interactive map below to find out if any changes are proposed to your property.

How to make a submission

A submission template may be of assistance. To make a formal submission on Amendment C263 you must clearly state:

  • your name
  • address
  • contact number (during business hours)

And whether you:

  • Support the amendment and reasons why
  • Support the amendment with suggested changes and reasons why, or
  • Oppose the amendment and reasons why.

Privacy Statement:

Submissions on the proposed amendment may be published in a Council Report and/or on Council’s website. Your personal contact details will not be published with your submission, and your personal information will be managed in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Submissions must be made in writing by 11.59pm Friday 3 May 2024 and can be made by (a submission template may be of assistance):

email the City Strategy team
post to Hume City Council, City Strategy, PO Box 119, Dallas, VIC 3047