The Merrifield Precinct was historically farmland but is now characterised by strong population growth. Several housing estates are being developed as part of the Merrifield West Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) and the Linden Vale PSP, such as the suburb of Mickleham, with plans of a business park being developed over the next 10 years. The Precinct also includes the rural area of Oakland Junction.

The Mickleham North Community Centre opened in 2022 and the Mickleham South Community Centre is anticipated to open in 2023. Both community centres will facilitate a full suite of community services and provide meeting, gathering and activity spaces for the community.

As most of this Precinct was planned under the PSP process, it either already has, or will have, almost all houses within 400m of open space. 26% of the area of this Precinct will be open space of various functions including sport, social recreation, drainage and conservation.

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The priority in this Precinct is to increase the amount of community services and infrastructure in line with population growth. Two community facilities have been identified as being required in the

Merrifield West Precinct Structure Plan and further ‘regional’ facilities will be planned as part of the Merrifield Town Centre.

The key recommendations from the Draft Community Infrastructure Plan for this Precinct are to:

No key sites have been identified for this Precinct at this stage.

There is need to ensure the open space network is coherent, connects to adjoining precincts and provides a diverse range of opportunities. This could be done through using linear drainage corridors to form a “green spine” of open space that ties together neighbourhoods and ensures walking and cycling access to the proposed Merrifield Town Centre.

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We'd love to hear your thoughts on the priorities for Precinct 12. This consultation closes on 14 March 2023. To provide your feedback, you can:

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