The Council Expenses Policy covers the support that Council provides Councillors to help them perform their role. The Policy includes technical and administrative support as well as the reimbursement of reasonable and genuine expenses.

Council has updated its Council Expenses Policy and is seeking your comments and feedback on the updated Policy. The updated Policy does not provide any extra entitlements to Councillors but it streamlines the process for claiming expenses.

The updated Policy also states that each Councillor will have a set amount each financial year they can utilise to attend training, Conferences and other professional development opportunities to support them in the performance of their role.

The updated Policy includes set amounts for meals allowances and accommodation costs, when applicable, which provides consistency and transparency.

How to participate

You can provide feedback on the updated Council Expenses Policy by:

filling out the survey below
emailing the Governance Team
calling the Governance Team on 9205 2200. We will happily arrange for conversations in languages other than English.
posting to the Chief Executive Officer, Hume City Council, PO Box 119 Dallas, VIC 3047