The Draft Financial Plan ensures Council can continue to maintain and expand (due to growth), current service levels in a financially sustainable and viable manner.

The Plan also aims to support long-term financial planning and ensuring adequate funding is allocated support infrastructure under Council’s control.

The Draft Financial Plan demonstrates the following financial management principles:

  • Revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, investments and financial transactions are managed in accordance with Council’s financial policies and strategic plans.
  • Management of the following financial risks:
    • the financial viability of Council.
    • the management of current and future liabilities of Council. Council is currently debt free. No borrowings have been included in Council’s Financial Plan.
  • Financial policies and strategic plans are designed to provide financial stability and predictability to the community.
  • Council maintains accounts and records that explain its financial operations and financial position.
  • Financial plans provide for the growth in population and households and the associated challenges of maintaining and expanding service provision.

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