Council are reviewing three event documents to ensure that we conduct and support events that benefit Hume City and meet legislation and compliance. The documents are the:

  • Events Policy
  • Event Strategy
  • Sponsorship Policy

The Events Policy ensures there is an fair and consistent approach when conducting events or issuing Council permits required for events. It applies to all events conducted by Council staff, Councillors and contractors on behalf of Council, and to outdoor events held on Council land.

The Event Strategy ensures Council delivers and support a balanced portfolio of events in the municipality.

The Sponsorship Policy will provide a framework for managing the provision or receipt of Council's sponsorship. It applies to outgoing sponsorship where Council provides a financial or in-kind benefit to an external party for mutual benefit. It also applies to incoming sponsorship where a financial or in-kind benefit is received by Council to offset the costs related to the staging of an event or activity.

How to participate

We wanted to hear from you to help guide these documents. This would ensure we meet community needs, as well as ensuring consistency and legislative requirements are met, when delivering and supporting events. The opportunity to give feedback closed Sunday 6 November 2022 (was extended) Sunday 23 October 2022:

People could do this by:

completing a survey
emailing the Events Team