The Draft Live Green Plan documents how Council will engage and support the Hume community to live in an environmentally sustainable way.

Consultation to inform the draft Plan

In developing this draft, community consultation sessions were held, and input was provided by 135 community members. This input was gained via:

  • community surveys
  • surveys of Hume City Councillors
  • Hume Community Indicators Survey 2018/19
  • focus group with Teachers’ Environment Network
  • focus group with Hume Enviro Champions
  • consultation with Hume Sustainability Taskforce
  • consultation with Hume Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group
  • consultation with Hume Interfaith Network
  • consultation with Hume preschool teachers
  • Hume City Council staff working group and Green Team members
  • focus group with Hume residents from a broad cross section of the community.

Feedback was also collected from participants at Live Green workshops and this helped inform the priorities in this Draft Plan. We also spoke with staff at other Councils to make sure our programs are keeping pace with sustainability education in other areas. Feedback on the final draft is now invited.

Feedback that informed the draft Plan

Survey respondents and community members in focus groups told us they’d like to see a strong focus on recycling and waste management, nature conservation and environmental education in schools. Community members also told us they want to know more about Aboriginal cultural practices and sent a strong message that climate change needs to be taken seriously.

We have incorporated this feedback into the draft plan and we’d like to hear your thoughts about how this plan addresses the need for sustainable living in the community.

Let us know what you like about the draft plan and your ideas for improvement