Hume City Council is upgrading the Mahoneys Road local shopping area. The upgrade will improve the presentation, features and safety of the shopping area and the service road. This includes improving access for people with a disability.

We asked for feedback and ideas in August 2022 to shape the design for the public realm at Mahoneys Road shopping area. This feedback was used to inform the development of a streetscape concept plan which will be exhibited for further feedback in 2023.

Photo showing site in relation to sydney road and mahoneys roadClick to enlarge

What we heard

There were 408 postcards delivered to local households and businesses to let them know consultation was taking place. The consultation page had 99 visits and we heard from 58 people about Mahoneys Road local shopping area. The main elements commented on were:

  • improved pedestrian and cycle access so that people had more options to get to the shopping area
  • new trees and plants were a top priority to improve the character of the area
  • the shopping area is valued by the community because of the diversity of local shops and how convenient they are to access
  • rubbish was a key concern.

image of feedback flyer which is provided as a text summary under the what we heard heading