Council approved the commencement of a community engagement process at their meeting of 24 October 2022 to provide members of the community and community organisations with the opportunity to suggest names for a reserve, which is unofficially known as The Village Green Reserve, which is bound by Rupertswood Road, Berrydale Road, Rolling Meadows Drive and The Village Green in Sunbury.

The Sunbury Village Green is located in the township of Sunbury which is an officially named feature that is registered in VICNAMES, which is a database that records all official place names in Victoria.

The reserve located on Rolling Meadows Drive that is locally known as The Village Green Reserve is not officially named or registered in VICNAMES.

To avoid any confusion with the officially named Sunbury Village Green, Council is commencing a process to identify and endorse a name for the reserve that is located on Rolling Meadows Drive. Names cannot be duplicates of other similarly named reserves in Sunbury.

What we are asking

The first step in this naming process is to provide members of the community and community organisations with the opportunity to suggest names for this reserve. Anyone with an interest in the name that this reserve will eventually be given is encouraged to think about a suitable name, especially a name that has a link to this location or to the wider Sunbury community, and to make a submission during this community engagement period.

The community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the name or names that Council will then propose for this reserve before a final decision on endorsing a name is made. Any name endorsed by Council is submitted to the Registrar of Geographic Names, and they will make the final decision on whether the reserve name is approved.

How to suggest a name

The government body that officially registers names has guidelines which must be followed when suggesting and considering names. This is a summary of the Naming Principles to assist you to submit a suitable name for this reserve:

  • Ensuring public safety - by ensuring names do not cause confusion for operators (e.g. emergency services, mail services)
  • Recognising the public interest - by ensuring names are enduring and suit our cultural heritage. Has long-term benefits for the community which outweighs the short-term effects. For example, having clear unambiguous names and addresses, leading to improved provision of emergency services and delivery of goods and services
  • Linking the name to place - should have a link to place to ensure the preservation of local cultural heritage.
  • Recognition and use of Traditional Owner languages - are often based on location; languages are deeply rooted to the land and offer an ideal opportunity to connect a name to a place. Is subject to agreement from the relevant Traditional Owner group(s).
  • Gender equality - as it impacts people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Using commemorative names - that person should be or have been held in strong regard by the community and have passed more than 2 years ago. It cannot be a living person
  • Names must not discriminate or be offensive - must comply with the Equal Opportunity Act 2010
  • Ensuring names are not duplicated - cannot be duplicated in a 15 kilometre radius
  • Using commercial and business names - should not name places after commercial businesses; trade names; estate names (which are solely commercial in nature); not-for-profit organisations.
  • Language - must be written in standard Australian English or a recognised format of a Traditional Owner language local to the area
  • Directional names to be avoided - cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) must be avoided.
  • Dual names - dual names cannot be assigned to roads or localities.

Council’s reasons for considering this proposal are detailed in a Council Report.

Names could be suggested in a number of ways. Submissions closed Friday 3 March 2023. We had over 40 suggestions and are now going through the process of assessing if they meet the Naming Principles. Once we have done this we will present a selection of suggestions to Council for approval and go back out for the second round of consultation where you will be able to choose the one you prefer.

filling out an online form
post to Chief Executive Officer, Hume City Council, and be posted to PO Box 119 Dallas 3047