A draft Rates Financial Hardship Policy has been developed to establish a transparent framework for Council to define what support is available for ratepayers who are experiencing financial hardship and the method of managing and collecting unpaid rates.

This policy outlines the types of support ratepayers may be able to access under the grounds of financial hardship, including options for payment plans, deferrals for payment, and in certain circumstances the waving of interest on late payments.

The proposed policy applies to all ratepayers' principal place of residence within the Hume municipality. Other property owners may also apply for financial hardship in limited circumstances.

The policy has been developed in accordance with our principles of ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Social Justice’, and commitment to Child Safe Standards and Gender Equality.

How to participate

A copy of the Council Report on the Rates Financial Hardship Policy can be downloaded from the right-hand menu. Feedback can be provided by using one of the options below:

review and provide feedback on the policy below
emailing the Finance Team
phoning the Finance Team
post to Hume City Council, PO Box 119, Dallas, VIC 3047