Stormwater run-off on land which has residential dwellings, public use, industrial subdivisions , commercial subdivisions must be treated to meet rules in the Victoria Planning Provisions.

This is currently the responsibility of developers to do on their site. For some applicants, it can be difficult to implement stormwater treatments due to site constraints. Voluntary stormwater offsets provide another way to meet these requirements.

Why is it important to treat stormwater run-off?

Hume’s waterways are an important part of the landscape and provide natural habitats and values in a built-up environment.

Urban development increases the volume of stormwater run-off, which if discharged directly into waterways, can erode the banks and change the natural flow pattern, which leads to biodiversity loss.

What is a stormwater offset contribution?

A stormwater offset is a financial contribution which may be paid by developers for stormwater management works to be undertaken by Council in another location. These works ‘offset’ stormwater impacts not treated within their development.

Funds from stormwater offset fees will be used to deliver stormwater treatment projects that have been identified in Council’s Integrated Water Management Plan 2020-2025 (under Council Action heading).

Are there other ways to meet my stormwater quality requirements?

Stormwater offsets are not an added cost for developers but are offered as another option to meet an existing planning scheme requirement.

The other way to meet their requirements is to do so on-site through installation of rainwater tanks, raingardens, permeable paving and other stormwater treatments.

How do I give feedback?

Anyone who had feedback could contact us by Monday 12 February 2024 via:

email feedback to the Team
phone us on 03 9205 2200 and ask for Angela Ganley
post to Hume City Council, POBox 119, Dallas, VIC 3047