aerial photo of outdoor water play area - marked up to give an indication of position of play area and seating area

Families in Sunbury will enjoy a new outdoor space and water play area thanks to the State Government and Hume City Council. This partnership is investing $2.6 million towards redeveloping the current outdoor toddler pool space to include safer access, seating, water features and water play equipment.

The new water play area will have a soft fall surface for children and will appeal to a wider age group of children.

You have the opportunity to choose the water play elements for the space! Use the tool below to choose what you would like to see. We have split it up into larger elements and then small/medium sized elements. The area is 12 metres by 18 metres and fits one large element and several small/medium elements.

We will design the new outdoor water play area using the selections from the community. We’ll show you what the design looks like in late December 2023 and start construction sometime in March 2024. It will be ready to use in the summer of 2024!

How to participate

Choose the pieces of water play equipment you would like to see in the space, upload a drawing or leave comments in the tools below by Thursday 28 September 2023:

Pick the large elements you would like to see in the space

Pick the smaller and medium sized elements you would like to see in the space

Upload children's drawings about what they would like (adults feel free to do so too!)

Leave a comment about what you would like to see in the space

Large pieces

Small and medium pieces