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Let’s work together for better transport choices

To do this, we’ve prepared a draft Transport Strategy based on community feedback. The Strategy will guide Council’s priorities and decisions over the next ten years, including:

  • How we can work towards providing more transport choices that work for more people
  • How we can address challenges like climate change by providing more transport options and connections in Hume
  • How we can partner with State Government, developers and others to improve transport connections throughout Hume
  • How we can best embrace the opportunities that will come from new technologies.

What do you think of the draft?

The draft Transport Strategy envisages a better future where there are far greater transport choices available for our community that contributes to a more vibrant and liveable municipality.

The draft Strategy strives to improve transport choices through a range of strategic directions and key actions around:

  • Improving the quality and extent of walking and cycling paths to provide convenient transport choices, especially to local shops and schools
  • Getting Hume ready for new and emerging transport technology and choices
  • Advocating to state government on issues Council doesn’t control, like better public transport and major road upgrades
  • Making the most of local road spaces for movement as well as providing spaces to meet, rest and play.

How you could participate

We asked the community for their thoughts on the vision, objectives and actions in the draft Strategy. People could chat to us at a festival, register for an online discussion session, share your ideas on the draft Strategy by midnight Friday 5 April 2024.

We were at the Craigieburn Festival or Sunfest.

Community could hear more and share feedback at an online discussion session. Register for the online information and discussion sessions on 20 and 26 March to let us know what they thought about the Strategy.

Craigieburn Festival, Anzac Park: Saturday 2 March from noon
Sunfest, Village Green, Sunbury: Sunday 17 March from 11am
Online discussion: 20 March 2.00-3.00pm
Online discussion: 20 March 7.30-8.30pm
Online discussion: 26 March 7.30-8.30pm

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