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Helpful tips

To help prepare your idea, you may want to review the 2021-2025 Council Plan and think about how your idea might provide benefit to Hume’s community, and support the delivery of Council’s Strategic Objectives.

Council’s Insights and Analytics Team provides a range of resources and statistical information which might be useful for your submission – visit www.hume.vic.gov.au/statistics for more information. Council’s Annual Report also a useful reference point.

When preparing your idea, you may want to:

  • Think about the problem or opportunity you’re trying to address
  • Think about how your idea will support the community
  • What data and information you may have to support your idea
  • Be concise in describing your idea, and be clear on what you are asking for.
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Example idea

What’s the name of your idea?

Outdoor fitness

Which Strategic Objective does your idea help facilitate?

Promote a healthy, inclusive and respectful community that fosters community pride and safety.

Tell us more about your idea…

The most recent Census highlighted that Hume residents are more likely to be experiencing long-term health conditions than the average Melburnian. With households facing increased costs of living, it is more important than ever that we look for low-cost options for improving our health and providing opportunities for residents to enjoy our great open spaces and parks.

Adding extra funding for more outdoor exercise stations in our parks and alongside our walking and cycling networks will help promote an active community, and provide free access to fitness to improve health outcomes.

Thinking about your idea, how much do you estimate it will cost Council to deliver?


Where is your idea located?

All suburbs