White speech bubble with black text on a dark blue background reads: Frequently Asked Questions.

We ask that you only submit one idea per person, group, business or organisation.

Yes - but only one submission will be accepted per group or organisation.

Where possible, we ask that an official from the group/organisation makes the submission, such as the club president or secretary.

No - unfortunately only ideas which can be delivered by Council will be considered. If you are looking for grant opportunities for your group, please visit the Hume Grant Finder or go to Council's website for more information about Grants.

If you're not sure how much your idea costs, just make your best estimate. Our team will check the costings, and may amend them before Council considers your ideas.

Council Officers will review your idea once its submitted. Depending on the level of detail provided we may need to reach out to you to get more information, or discuss your idea further.

Council Officers will let you know how your idea is progressing when the Draft Council Plan and Budget is put out for community feedback around mid-May.