Council has prepared Amendment C253 following a request on behalf of the landowner. The amendment applies to land at 105 Vineyard Road, Sunbury (see map below). The Amendment proposes changes to the Hume Planning Scheme to facilitate part of the land to be developed as a residential precinct.

What does the amendment do?

The amendment proposes to rezone the land from an Industrial 3 Zone (INZ3) to a General Residential Zone (GRZ) and apply the Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 32 (DPO32) to the land.

The amendment is supported by Section 173 agreements (legal agreements) to deliver community benefits and infrastructure including the delivery of a signalised intersection, affordable housing, and payment of a community infrastructure levy

Making a submission about the amendment

Submissions about the amendment closed Monday 8 November 2021. They could be made by post, emailing Council or filling out the online submission form on this page.

Independent Planning Panel

In March 2022 Council considered the submissions and resolved to request all unresolved submissions be heard by an Independent Planning Panel. The Panel met in May 2022 to consider all unresolved submissions. They recommended adoption of Amendment C253 with changes based on their report.