The Somerton Precinct includes the suburb of Campbellfield plus the surrounding industrial area of Somerton and a small farming area north of the Hume Highway. Somerton was previously mostly woodland and grasslands, but is now predominantly an industrial corridor, taking advantage of its access to the Hume Highway and Metropolitan Ring Road. Campbellfield has some of the oldest residential subdivisions in Hume.

The amount of community facilities in this Precinct are sufficient, however the overall condition of the existing facilities and the utilisation of them is considered poor. Improving accessibility, functionality and visual appearance would improve utilisation and access to services.

The Precinct includes the Upper Merri Creek Regional Parkland, which contains significant remnant vegetation as well as grasslands and are culturally significant to the Wurundjeri people. There is a need to protect this corridor.

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The priority for this Precinct is to maintain capacity within services and improve service provision to respond to diverse community needs.

There is also need to improve accessibility, functionality and the visual appearance of facilities to improve community use of facilities and access to services.

The key recommendations from the Draft Community Infrastructure Plan for this Precinct are to:

There are four separated residential neighbourhoods in Campbellfield which severely impacts access to open space in the Precinct. High vulnerability and low incomes means the community rely on public open space more for their recreation needs, making this Precinct a high priority for significant open space investment.

This table shows the key open spaces for this Precinct. Please give us your feedback on these using the Open Spaces Map below.

How to participate

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the priorities for Precinct 10. This consultation closes on 14 March 2023. To provide your feedback, you can:

Provide feedback on Community Infrastructure and Open Space priorities for Precinct 10 on the interactive maps below
Email your feedback on Precinct 10 to the Community Infrastructure Plan team or the Open Space Strategy team
Phone us on 9205 2200. We will happily arrange for conversations in languages other than English.
Post to Hume City Council, PO Box 119, Dallas Vic 3047

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