The Lancefield Road Precinct comprises three distinct areas – Goonawarra, Rolling Meadows and the emerging growth area under the Lancefield Road Precinct Structure Plan, that will be developed over the next 20+ years.

Goonawarra was named after the Goonawarra Vineyard, which is on the eastern bank of Jacksons Creek, adjoining the Goonawarra Golf Course. Rolling Meadows is a large lot residential development that began in the 1990s and has two large open space areas – Village Green and Rolling Meadows Park overlooking Jacksons Creek.

The Precinct is expected to slowly evolve from a rural-residential community into an urban community.

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Three new community facilities have been identified as being required in the Lancefield Road Precinct Structure Plan, and a further two community centres are anticipated to form part of the Sunbury North Precinct Structure Plan. The priority in this precinct is to grow the provision of community services and infrastructure in step with the population growth whilst ensuring that the specific service needs of existing communities are still met.

The key recommendations from the Draft Community Infrastructure Plan for this Precinct are to:

The open space in this Precinct has been planned well, however, connections will be needed between the Jacksons Creek biik wurrdha Regional Park, Sunbury town centre and the Lancefield Road corridor to increase access easy access to open space for the community.

There are also opportunities to improve the quality of open space, provide opportunities for walking circuits and increase the tree canopy across the open space network in this Precinct. This table shows the key open spaces for this Precinct. Please give us your feedback on these using the Open Spaces Map below.

How to participate

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the priorities for Precinct 2. This consultation closes on 14 March 2023. To provide your feedback, you can:

Provide feedback on Community Infrastructure and Open Space priorities for Precinct 2 on the interactive maps below
Email your feedback on Precinct 2 to the Community Infrastructure Plan team or the Open Space Strategy team
Phone us on 9205 2200. We will happily arrange for conversations in languages other than English.
Post to Hume City Council, PO Box 119, Dallas Vic 3047

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