Sunbury Central is a large township in the north-western corner of Hume, approximately 39km from the Melbourne CBD. It is bound by the Calder Freeway to the West, Vineyard Road to the south, Jacksons Creek to the east, with Riddell Road forming the northern boundary.

There are many heritage listed sites that give this Precinct its historical character as well as several important Aboriginal sites such as five earth rings, which were identified in the 1970s and 1980s, and are believed to have been used for ceremonial gatherings.

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Precinct 3 includes the established communities of central Sunbury where there is a significantly older population ageing in place with most of the housing targeted at families. An additional community centre will be required to support the services required for the population growth in the identified Sunbury West Precinct Structure Plan that will begin to be planned over the next 10 years.

There are a range of priorities for this Precinct, including updating ageing infrastructure, enhancing facilities to expand existing services and optimising facilities by introducing new services. This will support the needs and expectations of the diverse community, including older people, people living alone, disengaged youth and the various cultural groups and communities.

The key recommendations from the Draft Community Infrastructure Plan for this Precinct are to:

An open space gap has been identified at Vineyard Road, which will be addressed when new open space becomes available as part of the Rosenthal development. Gaps identified in the Canterbury Hills area will be addressed when planned open space is developed. Urban forest can be increased along street corridors and within council owned reserves.

This table shows the key open spaces for this Precinct. Please give us your feedback on these using the Open Spaces Map below.

How to participate

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the priorities for Precinct 3. This consultation closes on 14 March 2023. To provide your feedback, you can:

Provide feedback on Community Infrastructure and Open Space priorities for Precinct 3 on the interactive maps below
Email your feedback on Precinct 3 to the Community Infrastructure Plan team or the Open Space Strategy team
Phone us on 9205 2200. We will happily arrange for conversations in languages other than English.
Post to Hume City Council, PO Box 119, Dallas Vic 3047

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