As part of Hume City Council’s ongoing commitment to Local Area Traffic Management (LATM), Council is undertaking a study of traffic issues within the Craigieburn Town Centre Area bounded by Craigieburn Road, Aitken Boulevard, Mt Ridley Road, and Mickleham Road.

In August and September 2022, Council sought community input into the LATM via an online mapping tool to identify areas for consideration or improvement. More than 130 responses were received from the community. This feedback has been reviewed and used to form the basis of a proposed traffic management plan to address the issues raised by the community. In addition to community input, the study has considered:

  • Traffic speeds and volumes
  • Casualty crashes
  • Pedestrian and cycling connectivity
  • Parking issues

Council is proposing to install traffic treatments as shown on the enclosed Proposed Traffic Management Plan. These proposals are preliminary, and before Council makes any decisions on the treatments, we would like to hear your opinions on what is being proposed. If you would like to provide feedback on the proposed treatments, please do so using the online interactive mapping tool. Online you can read the comments made by community members and add to the community discussion.

Not within the scope of the study

  • Mickleham Road and Craigieburn Road are under the authority of Department of Transport (DoT). Any issue regarding these roads will be passed onto DoT for investigation
  • Public transport infrastructure and services are under Department of Transport authority.
  • New development areas east of Mickleham Road

Local Area Traffic Management Study Process

  1. Seek community feedback on traffic issues within the area (completed)
  2. Investigate and develop a draft plan to address the issues (completed)
  3. Share the draft plan with the local community for feedback (completed)

Note: Funding of up to $233,000 has been proposed in the 2024/2025 Council budget to commence implementation of actions. Projects that are beyond the scope of this initial funding will be considered for future funding under Council’s Capital Works Program.

How to participate

People could give feedback on the proposed treatments by Sunday 18 December 2022:

drop a pin on an online map
Email: the Traffic Team
Phone: Traffic Team
Post: Hume City Council, PO Box 119, Dallas Vic 3047