Informed by input from over 8,500 people, our Draft Council Plan 2021-2025 responds to, and delivers for the challenges of today, and positions us for a sustainable and thriving future.

In 2021/22 alone, Council will invest $334 million to provide some 28 key services across Hume City. Over the next four years, we will deliver 500 new capital works projects to the value of $485 million.

The Draft Council Plan takes an integrated approach to planning and includes actions incorporated as part of Council’s Disability Action Plan, Community Safety Action Plan, and Pathways to Sustainability.

Developed through deliberative engagement practices, this Draft Council Plan also outlines Hume City’s new Community Vision; a vision written by our community, for our community.

As the proud custodians and champions of the Community Vision, Council is committed to taking targeted action to create…

A sustainable and thriving community with great health, education, employment, infrastructure, and a strong sense of belonging.

Our Community Vision is supported by three themes within the Council Plan. Council has outlined a series of Strategic Objectives under each theme, for which 50 key strategies/actions will be undertaken during this current Council term.

Find out more about these Strategic Objectives, click on one or more of the Council Plan themes below:

► Create learning opportunities for everyone to reach their potential through all stages of their lives.
► Provide opportunities, and support business growth to create accessible local jobs for our diverse community.
► Promote a healthy, inclusive and respectful community that fosters community pride and safety.
► Strengthen community connections through local events, festivals and the arts.

► Facilitate appropriate urban development and enhance natural environment, heritage, landscapes and rural places.
► Demonstrate environmentally sustainable leadership and adapt to climate change.
► Design and maintain our City with accessible spaces and a strong sense of place.
► Connect our City through efficient and effective walking, cycling and public transport and road networks.

► Engage and empower our community through advocacy and community engagement.
► Deliver responsible and transparent governance, services and assets that respond to community needs.
► Advance organisational high-performance through innovation and partnerships.

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