Early in 2023 Council installed historic street signage for 28 streets in Sunbury. The signs include a short sentence with details about the history behind each street name and provide a glimpse into Hume City's past.

This an example of one of the signs.

image of heritage street sign - text states - Jackson St Willian and Samuel Jackson, early pioneers from Sunbury-on-Thames built a hut and settled on the banks of Jacksons Creek

Following the positive feedback received, Council is now requesting your help to identify other streets throughout Hume with names that have historic backgrounds. The history could be about:

  • a person
  • a place
  • an event.

After you have let us know about the street signs that should be considered we will look at the information and evidence you provide to make sure it is correct.

It is anticipated that any council approved signs will be installed by late 2024.

What do I need to do?

Know the history behind a street name in Hume? Drop a pin on the map and let us know. You can also email or post the information.

You must provide proof of the history behind the street name so that we can follow up the information to make sure it is correct. Proof can be:

  • a link to a website
  • reference to a newspaper article or photo held at your local library or State Library
  • information from a historical society
  • title and name of a book, including where to source it.

We are seeking submissions with adequate proof of the history of a person, event or place. Any submissions without supporting proof are unfortunately unable to be considered.

You can let us know by:

Going to the map and dropping a pin on the street.

Then, you need to:

  1. A description of the history behind the name. Include proof here and/or upload information in the next section (required)
  2. Write a 15 - 20 word summary of the history that could be used on a historic street sign (required)
  3. Provide your contact details so we can contact you if we have questions. We can also keep you updated (required but will not be made public).

If you don't want to use the map you can provide the same information to us by email or post:

email the Governance team

Hume City Council, Governance, PO Box 1119, Dallas, VIC 3047

This consultation closed on Sunday 26 November 2023.